One-year-olds are unpredictable, but I love getting to capture their first birthday portraits! When it comes to having your little one’s cake smash session, I know what you’re thinking: “How can this work?” In all honesty, every kiddo is so different that there’s no one size fits all to make sure their cake smash will go smoothly. But, I do have some tips:

  1. Schedule: The best time is right after their nap! We want to stay clear from fussiness and tears as much as possible.
  2. Bring snacks: Especially something you know they will enjoy.
  3. Be prepared to participate: One-year-olds don’t exactly understand what they’re supposed to do with a cake in front of them. Some will dive right in but you might need to help out and show them how to literally dig in.
  4. Try not to stress: It's easier said than done. But try to avoid stressing and worrying about how the session is going. Go into it with a fun, exciting energy so that hopefully, your child will reciprocate that same energy.
  5. Bring an extra outfit: Every session is different, but they can get messy. Bring extra clothes to change your kiddo into after their session is done.

Location: San Jose, CA Dress: Noralee Cake: @Miss_Sarmiento